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Whether we’re talking analytical microscopes, molecular analysis, mass spectroscopy, chromatography, elemental analysis or flow cytometry – the analytical market is all about innovation. And when it comes to innovation, staying ahead is key. We see broadly two developments in this area: The high-end, tailored solutions of our customers ask for deep, technical knowhow. Here, our expertise enables us to operate on the edge of possible, together with our customers. On the other end of the spectrum, competitivity within the market for robust volume solutions is high. There, our habit of short term, result driven, efficient working, offers our customers supply chain continuity. In a market where short time-to-market, low cost of ownership and supply chain continuity are essential, NTS is your flexible partner that thinks ahead.

Time-to-market, Total Costs of Ownership and Supply Chain Continuity

The most important quality for answering customer needs is proactively thinking along, for instance in the fields of cleanliness, vacuum technology and cryogenics. In the end, encouraging technological development comes back to linking the right expertise areas whilst keeping the process efficient. And for that, flexibility is of the essence. Having expertise in different areas ensures we offer a wide range of solutions quickly, and with attention to quality – from analytical microscopes to flow cytometry. Only by positioning ourselves as an agile partner, we help our customers stay ahead of the curve by shortening time-to-market, optimizing total costs of ownership, and offering supply chain continuity.


As a first-tier contract manufacturer, we value good partnership. Our global presence strongly contributes to that aspect, as we ensure we are always accessible and close to our customers. Next to a strong cultural fit and a people-oriented focus, we proactively align our customers’ roadmaps to our expertise. This way, we maximize our added value by standing next to our customers and thinking ahead with them. These qualities, together with our focus on development and engineering, enable us to provide a solution to each customer challenge.  

Accelerate Together

Our success in the analytical market lays in our technological expertise to support rapid innovation and competitiveness, combined with our focus on partnership via technology roadmaps – locally as well as globally. This enables us to find the best fitting solutions that shorten time-to-market, lower total cost of ownership and guarantee supply chain continuity. That is how, at NTS, we accelerate the future of our customers’ technological development. 

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With an industry track record of over 75 years, NTS is your first-tier partner and contract manufacturer to achieve shorter time to market of reliable, high quality analytical modules and systems. We support our customers by complex (co-)development, engineering, industrialization and manufacturing of modules or assembled analytical systems, compliant with industry standards (ISO 9001).


Learn more about our approach in the Analytical Market

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Learn more about our approach in the Analytical Market
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Sales & Account Manager

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