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Extensive expertise and focus on partnership

The semiconductor market is innovating rapidly. In front-end and back-end semiconductor technology, the key to maximize value for OEMs is ultra-precise manufacturing while keeping throughput high. Our technical competences are aligned with the latest developments, and we move in step with the fast innovative pace of technologies such as EUV lithography, wafer inspection and metrology. As a first-tier manufacturer, we share broad and in-depth knowhow to add value to our customers’ products. Building on this expertise, we enable their acceleration and technological development.

A Partner that Adds Value

With a constant focus on research and development, the semiconductor industry is evolving fast. To stay ahead of the curve, short time-to-market is crucial, and we realize that by bringing experience and expertise to the semiconductor market. Our eagerness to learn helps us understand the core of our customers’ technical challenges. Having expert knowledge of many different disciplines ensures that when we serve our customers, we add value to their field of work, no matter the challenge.

Semicon optical inspection

For instance, to ensure high-speed and ultra-precise wafer handling and wafer inspection, we excel in advanced mechanics, mechatronics, cleanliness and optics. Possessing cutting-edge expertise, both in terms of quality and quantity, implies that customer challenges are overcome. By combining development, engineering and industrialization with our global manufacturing capability, we shorten time-to-market, support innovation and operate on the edge of possible.

Development & Engineering Together 

Having considerable knowledge and expertise in house is not enough. Our successful approach in the semiconductor market lays also within our strong focus on symbiotic partnership. By collaborating with our customers to address challenges and needs, we avoid a ‘you ask, we run’ approach. Instead, we align our technology roadmap to enable the growth and innovation of our semiconductor customers. To shorten time-to-market in the semiconductor industry, a global focus for OEMs is needed. Our global presence ensures that we are always in close proximity to our customers – no matter the location. We dig deep to move forward, together as partners, and forge long-term relationships with our customers.

Semicon reticle mask EUV lithography

Shared Knowledge Accelerates Innovation

By doing it together, we move faster. Our technical expertise and focus on partnership are the core of our approach. This is how we shorten time-to-market and contribute to the production and innovation of our customers in the semiconductor market. By adding value, we accelerate their innovation in such a way that the future benefits from it. Long story short? At NTS, we believe that sharing our expertise accelerates the future.

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With an industry track record of over 75 years, NTS is your first-tier contract manufacturing partner to achieve shorter time to market of reliable, high quality semicon modules and systems. We support our customers by complex (co-)development, engineering, industrialization and manufacturing of modules or assembled semicon systems, compliant with the industry standards, like SEMI and ISO 9001.


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Learn more about our approach in the Semiconductor Market
Willem-Jan van Rooij
Account Manager Semicon

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