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At NTS Brno we create added value for our customers. We provide high precision components, modules and assembly for leading high-tech OEMs, in the semiconductor and analytical sectors. The two business units, NTS Brno and NTS Slavičín work cohesively as one team in Czech Republic, to serve customers in central Europe and other areas. Our focus is on development and manufacturing of low volume series with diverse technologies. By combining our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management and precise assembly we help shorten lead times while delivering quality.

Our Competences

Within the two business units, we work on design and (co)development of technical solutions to manufacturing and system assemblies. We do this by utilizing our skills in the following areas: 

Engineering & Project Management

Being an experienced engineering partner, we deliver cost effective solutions. Customers can rely on our expertise in NPI Project management, early supplier involvement, co-development and value engineering. As Project Management & Engineering work in close affiliation with the NTS manufacturing companies, we also support the full product life cycle management, e.g. by driving cost-down activities and providing manufacturing engineering support. We are a partner for your technical requirements and we supplement this with excellent customer service.

Component Manufacturing

We have a proven track record in manufacturing high-precision components, housings and precision covering. We use our technological competences combined with the extensive knowledge of our manufacturing engineers, in the field of sheet metal, precision machining and finishing.

Module & System Assembly

Our assembly locations in Czech republic focus on complex, low-volume products with a varied mix of technologies. NTS optimizes the assembly process with your product lifecycle requirements in mind. Besides expertise in prototyping and industrialization of production assembly, we offer mechanical, electronic and mechatronic cleanroom and non-cleanroom precise assembly.  

Benefits for Our Customers

What we offer to our customers is a localized one-stop-shop. We unburden them by optimizing the supply chain, providing a unified sales organization and a high level of project management. Collaboration across our NTS locations ensures that we can focus on all aspects, with clear communication. From design to deliverables, and between manufacturing and assembling companies. We offer quality as well as logistics cost savings to our partners. With all business targeted technical support in one place, enhanced with customer satisfaction support, we ensure that we are your preferred (co)development and (co)manufacturing partner.

K tomu, aby se snížila spotřeba energie u společnosti NTS Brno, bylo investováno do nových laserových řezacích strojů. Tato investice byla částečně možná díky využití evropské dotace. Klikněte zde pro více informací.

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Ultra-Precision Components

While components are getting smaller, we are getting more precise. NTS is one of the few in the world that can manufacture parts under an accuracy of (less than) one-thousandth of a millimeter. Having all expertise in-house makes us a one-stop-shop for precision components. 

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NTS Precision Frames and Cabinets by spot welding

Precision Frames & Cabinets

In realizing high-precision frames and cabinets, we take manufacturability, cleanliness, and application look-and-feel into account. Our skilled workforce has all technical knowhow and works hard to meet the challenges of our OEM customers and shorten their time-to-market. 

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System Assembly

From Series Assembly and Cleanroom Assembly to Rapid Prototyping and New Product Introduction: we excel at putting all pieces together on time and ensuring the final product to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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Otto van Leuven
Managing Director NTS Slavičín & Brno


Turanka 1313/108
CZ-62700 Brno
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 577 343054


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Our skilled teams realize ultra-precise solutions and system assembly.

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Focus Areas

We develop, produce and assemble (opto-) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules.

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With our global presence and technological expertise, we push the boundaries of possible.

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