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Vertical integration of assembly & manufacturing processes

NTS Singapore is a one-stop supplier for complex and qualified mechanics & mechatronics (cleanroom) assemblies based on vertical integration of own sheet metal & frames. High-tech OEMs in the analytical and semiconductor markets are our key customers. For them, reliable suppliers close to their own final assembly sites, are of high value. Which is why, since 2012 NTS has chosen to have a presence here, to cater to leading customers in and around Singapore. In this eco system we play a growing role as a key supplier as well as a future first tier contract manufacturer.

Key Competences

In Singapore, we currently operate out of two locations. NTS Components Singapore provides solutions for every imaginable sheet metal and frames need, including mechanical assemblies. NTS Mechatronics Singapore is a system supplier for the assembly of complete mechatronics modules. We have a highly trained and experienced team that includes specialists in: laser cutting, bending/forming, punching, welding, finishing (wet paint and powder coat), engineering (production and value engineering, NPI engineering), mechanical and mechatronics Assembly. Our customers work in a highly complex and technical domain and we are able to meet  their requirements of cleanliness, precision and accuracy.

Optimization in Manufacturing

Our focus is clear – to optimize our entire volume manufacturing process. We do this e.g. through our vertically integrated sheet assembly, strong DfX/engineering capabilities to improve manufacturing feasibility, and access to a robust SGP/SEA supply chain. We enable an efficient transfer of our customers’ late-stage designs into high volume manufacturing, so that they can focus the final assembly. In short, we unburden our customers and help solve their problems.

From Supplier to Preferred Contract Manufacturer

Our aim is to evolve into a 1st– tier contract manufacturer of choice, for high-mix volume business, in Singapore. Which implies that we should be able to provide fully integrated solutions to our customers. These include complex and qualified mechanics and mechatronic (cleanroom) assemblies that are close to core functionality of the products of our customers.

To meet that requirement, we will transition to a larger, single integrated location starting early 2023, concluding the move in early 2024. With this step we can vertically integrate our assembly and manufacturing process at one location and combine the skills and key capabilities we have. At the same time we will be able to add more manufacturing footprint and engineering competence, through which we can scale our business. We will also focus heavily on developing both our global sales pipeline, fed by customer developments in EU and the US,  as well as deepening our supply chain, to ensure that we keep delivering on our ambitions.

By continuing to grow and realizing our potential in this location, we will help existing and new customers accelerate into the future!

Download our Whitepaper ‘Frames and enclosures: Dealing with shorter Technology Lifecycles and increasing Requirements’

Within the semicon and analytical market, system requirements and therefore complexity increase in order to achieve higher throughput and accuracy. In parallel, market forces dictate a shorter technology lifecycle and increased pressure on total cost of ownership.In this whitepaper, which is the result of our extensive track record in frames and enclosures, three of NTS’ experts discuss: 

  • The added value of selecting the right co-engineering and manufacturing partner; 
  • Their Frames and Enclosure expertise; 
  • How our processes, capabilities and investments are aimed at reducing time to market, cost of ownership and risks for our global customer base.  

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Precision Frames & Cabinets

In realizing high-precision frames and cabinets, we take manufacturability, cleanliness, and application look-and-feel into account. Our skilled workforce has all technical knowhow and works hard to meet the challenges of our OEM customers and shorten their time-to-market. 

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NTS Singapore engineering

System Assembly

From Series Assembly and Cleanroom Assembly to Rapid Prototyping and New Product Introduction: we excel at putting all pieces together on time and ensuring the final product to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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Rogier Niessen
Managing Director NTS Singapore


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Our skilled teams realize ultra-precise solutions and system assembly.

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We develop, produce and assemble (opto-) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules.

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With our global presence and technological expertise, we push the boundaries of possible.

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