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High-tech mechatronics assemblies

In recent years, high-tech machine builders in the semiconductor and analytical markets have established a global presence. At NTS, we believe in the importance of being near our customers. That is why in 2004 we opened a manufacturing location in Shanghai to serve our mechatronic customers in Asia – and from all corners of the world. With a focus on working region-for-region and engineering and producing low to mid-range volumes, at NTS Shanghai we accelerate our customers’ technological development.

Up and Running for the Factory Floor

Our activities in Shanghai are based on the manufacturing of high-tech mechatronics assemblies for the analytical and semiconductor industries. These can be modules or complete systems, from the size of a shoebox to the size of a main frame. We deliver close-to-the-core products and have design-to-specification capabilities. In Shanghai we are also set up to take over the complete production and engineering activities. This way we guarantee quality from head to tail.  

Craftmanship is at the Heart

And the secret ingredient? Craftmanship. Our development teams consist of specialized mechatronics engineers and technicians who work on high-tech systems from design to industry readiness. They work closely together with our skilled project management teams who support the process from start to the moment of delivery and acceptance. Together with our clean, ISO certified facilities and quality control processes, we ensure your system is set and ready-to-go, to meet the world’s most complex and advanced requirements.  

Services at NTS Shanghai

  • Development & Engineering: Our teams lay the foundations for the industrialization of complex high-tech systems. We are equipped to draw up the design specifications and develop complete modules and systems. In our verification lab, with vibration-free table, auto-collimator and laser interferometer, we do feasibility studies and check all requirements. 
  • Assembly & Functional Testing: With the highest regards to cleanliness, our assembly and functional testing facilities contain Class 5 and 7, protected, ESD-safe, and controlled atmospheres. 
  • Supply Chain management: Targeting low volume and high mix, we obtain strict vendor qualification and management protocols and 87% of materials is localized in China.
  • Project & Quality management: In our ISO certified facilities, we ensure each system meets all the requirements and applies to the highest standards.  

Download our whitepaper “Still manufacturing in China? Of course

While recent challenges like supply disruptions, and geopolitical strategies raise valid concerns about China, it’s crucial to acknowledge the opportunities for high-tech OEMs. NTS can offer a more nuanced point of view on reasons why China continues to be a manufacturing solution provider that is still highly relevant for your machine requirements.

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What we do


NTS provides mechatronics solutions consisting of precision mechanics, actuation, sensing and control loops. We combine our knowledge of design, mechanical, electronical and software skillsets, together with our machine dynamics expertise to meet the required mix of performance, time-to-market and product cost criteria 

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Cleanliness & Vacuum

Cleanliness is a core competence at NTS. It is embedded in all layers of the organization. Every step of our development and manufacturing processes are designed with cleanliness optimization in mind. We invest heavily in equipment as well as knowledge-led expertise in contamination control and vacuum technology, to meet the strictest challenges 

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System Assembly

From Series Assembly and Cleanroom Assembly to Rapid Prototyping and New Product Introduction: we excel at putting all pieces together on time and ensuring the final product to meet the customer’s requirements. 

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Bas Kreukniet
Managing Director NTS Shanghai


11-A, 227 North Fu Te Road
Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
200131 Shanghai
People’s Republic of China

+86 21 5064 00 60/46


Jobs at NTS Shanghai

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Our skilled teams realize ultra-precise solutions and system assembly.

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Focus Areas

We develop, produce and assemble (opto-) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules.

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With our global presence and technological expertise, we push the boundaries of possible.

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