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Health & Industry Market

Ultra-precision, optics and mechatronics

Novel technologies evolve more rapidly than ever, and that brings new applications and business opportunities. Time-to-market is crucial to benefit from this window of opportunity. We assist and unburden OEMs, by developing, engineering, industrializing and producing industrial and health systems. Our competences in ultra-precision manufacturing, mechatronics assembly and optics comes in useful.  

Reliability in Healthcare Solutions

Our high standards of quality and reliability in the semiconductor and analytical market fit seamlessly with the requirements and knowledge human healthcare solutions need. Combined with our experience in optics and laser systems, mechatronics and ultra-precision, this makes NTS a partner of many medical solution providers. With our extensive track record, we are capable of complying with the regulations for medical devices and medical equipment defined by government institutes. To meet the market requirements of the medical market, we have built up a track record in product compliance and are ISO13485 certified. 

Our Approach to Industrial Systems

Our track record in emerging markets, like autonomous mobile robotics (AMR’s) and high-tech manufacturing systems (such as 3D printing of metals, plastics like PEEK, and optics), makes us a reliable partner for scale-ups and OEMs. They benefit from our added value and experience, from product development up to serial production. The result? High quality against a competitive cost price.   

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With an industry track record of over 75 years, NTS is your first-tier partner and contract manufacturer to achieve shorter time to market of reliable, high quality medical products. We support our customers by complex product development, engineering and manufacturing of fully assembled medical products, compliant with industry standards (ISO 13485, ISO 9001).


Learn more about our approach in the Health & Industry Market

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Learn more about our approach in the Health & Industry Market
Jeroen Sprankenis
Business Development Manager

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