Additive Manufacturing

Optimal design, rapid development

As a high-tech OEM, you are always seeking to stay ahead of the curve. To achieve this, you are looking for rapid time-to-market, high-quality parts, and cost efficiency. That is why we at NTS have invested in additive manufacturing technology.

Unlike subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing builds components from scratch, offering unparalleled design freedom and flexibility. This approach encourages innovative thinking in the design and engineering of parts. 3D printing ensures speed and cost-effectiveness. With our extensive design and engineering expertise, NTS is your partner of choice for additive manufacturing.

A New Way of Working  

Whereas in the traditional method of metalworking, subtractive manufacturing, parts are made by removing material from a piece of metal to achieve the desired shape, additive manufacturing builds products from scratch. We go from powder to part. This allows us to prioritize the function of the end product and guarantees flexibility in the design process for an optimal design. An additive manufactured product is always made from a single piece, ensuring precision, strength, and accommodating specific needs such as improved damping. Compared to subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing produces parts of equal or even better quality, with fewer production steps, resulting in shorter time-to-market and cost efficiency.

The Supply Chain Optimization with Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing at NTS offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your supply chain operations:

  • Short Time-to-Market: Because of the advanced technology, the process is fast and efficient. This enables you as an OEM to maintain speed in your supply chain.
  • Optimal Performance: We develop products from scratch, allowing for highly specific designs with a design for optimal performance.
  • Lightweight Components: Optimal design results in options to produce lightweight printed products with similar quality and performance.
  • Ultra-Precise Products: Unlike traditional production methods where a product is made up of multiple parts, 3D printing creates a single piece, guaranteeing precision and strength.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Additive manufacturing requires fewer production steps, leading to time and cost efficient process.
  • High Quality Assurance: Our years of experience in additive manufacturing have resulted in our ability to create an optimal additive manufacturing process where we can always offer the highest quality guarantee.

Elevating Quality Assurance to New Heights

From design to the product’s realization and final qualification, NTS is there every step of the way. We elevate quality assurance by utilizing our extensive expertise in 3D printing of metals, post-processing, and qualification to make additive manufacturing a success in your supply chain, for both new and existing products. This commitment to quality assurance aligns with our longstanding trackrecord with subtractive manufacturing. Our general additive manufacturing process to achieve this high standard involves the following steps:

Design – We engage early in the process, working closely with our customers from the first idea. Our experts contribute to the optimal design and advise on the right materials.

Printing – Using our MetalFABG2 3D printer, we realize the advanced design. We have extensive material knowledge in titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. The 3D printing process utilizes Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) with Selective Laser Melting (SLM), building the product layer by layer.

Post-processing – With expertise in support removal, machining, and heat treatments, we refine the final product and ensure quality.

Quality Control – Beyond traditional pressure and leak tests, our customers can rely on extremely precise quality measurements of the metal through the 3D printing process.

Seamless In-House Production for Procurement Excellence 

Handling all production processes in-house ensures quality delivery. From the initial idea to the industrialized final product at NTS you can rely on us. In our work cells, we develop innovative applications, such as printing cooling channels within components. Unlike the conventional method where a cooling channel is manufactured in two separated parts and attached to each other, additive manufacturing allows for printing cooling channels directly into the product.

Strategic Investment in Additive Manufacturing Technology

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Stay ahead with NTS’s strategic investments in cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to innovation brings you cost-effective solutions without compromising on excellence:

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: The 2022 installation of the MetalFabG2 3D printer at our NTS Hengelo location exemplifies our dedication to delivering top-tier quality, speed, and efficiency.
  • Cost Efficiency: Benefit from advanced manufacturing technologies that reduce production costs while maintaining superior product quality.


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Leon Hol
Managing Director NTS Additive Manufacturing

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