NTS Precision Frames and Cabinets by spot welding

Precision Frames and Cabinets

High complexity, low volume

Multinational OEMs and scale-up companies in high-tech industries are facing a variety of challenges when it comes to frames and cabinets manufacturing. System requirements and therefore complexity increases. Taking this together with the need for an accelerated time to market, pressure rises. Selecting the right partners in the supply chain is therefore crucial.

Our solution in this market? With a local-for-local approach, we develop a skilled engineering and manufacturing workforce close to our customers’ production sites, while maintaining our presence near R&D sites of OEMs in the EU or US as well. This brings great advantages for our customers to serve as a design and manufacturing partner and ensure cost efficiency and short time to market.

Manufacturing Know-how

For our customers, we produce complex metal, granite or hybrid frames and cabinets for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity markets such as the semiconductor and analytical market. As said above, design and engineering of frames and cabinets is a key-feature of NTS. Our extensive knowhow in the field of bending, laser cutting, MIG/MAG, orbital TIG, spot welding and laser welding, makes us experts on this. Next to that, from an application perspective, vacuum technology increasingly plays a role in high-tech industry, in for instance vacuum welding assemblies and vacuum modules. Think of vacuum chambers and (orbital welded) assemblies. Our level of expertise is reflected in our many welding and production certifications, such as ISO-3834-2 : 2005, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015

Manufacturability, Cleanliness and Application Look-and-feel

To efficiently realize high-precision frames and cabinets, some areas should be considered, such as manufacturability, cleanliness and application look-and-feel. Considering manufacturability already during technology selection leads to an optimal, cost-efficient manufacturing process, which is very beneficial for our customer’s time to market and total cost. Within precision frames and cabinets, cleanliness revolves for instance around the use of process fluids such as cutting emulsions or corrosion prohibitors, which are of high importance for the later stages of the supply chain. Application look-and-feel is also crucial to realize precision frames and cabinets.

Frames and enclosures precision granite base

A Skilled Workforce, Shortened Time-to-market and Reduced TCO

The result of our expertise? Being able to develop a skilled workforce close to our customers’ production sites, while maintaining our presence near R&D sites of OEMs in the EU or US as well. By combining design and manufacturing knowledge and working more fast and agile in producing precision frames and cabinets, design and development processes are condensed, and only the best quality is delivered in the most efficient way possible. This has great benefits: decisions about design vs manufacturability and costs can be made at an early stage, time-to-market is shortened and total cost of ownership for our customers are lowered. Reliability and costs are improved, and – in essence – we do what we do best: accelerating the future by delivering high-quality precision frames and cabinets.

“NTS is one of the few companies in the world that aims to optimize the complete chain for OEMs. From mechanical design and engineering to manufacturing precise frames & enclosures, it is all aimed at providing the best service to our customers.” 

Peter van den Biggelaar
Technology Manager at NTS Venray

Download our Whitepaper ‘Frames and enclosures: Dealing with shorter Technology Lifecycles and increasing Requirements’ 

Within the semicon and analytical market, system requirements and therefore complexity increase in order to achieve higher throughput and accuracy. In parallel, market forces dictate a shorter technology lifecycle and increased pressure on total cost of ownership.In this whitepaper, which is the result of our extensive track record in frames and enclosures, three of NTS’ experts discuss: 

  • The added value of selecting the right co-engineering and manufacturing partner; 
  • Their Frames and Enclosure expertise; 
  • How our processes, capabilities and investments are aimed at reducing time to market, cost of ownership and risks for our global customer base.  


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Peter van den Biggelaar 
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