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Tailor-made technical coatings

There is more to coating than meets the eye. In general, applying a finishing product makes a machine look appealing. But it has extra functions such as preventing corrosion or making components and modules last longer. For OEMs, existing coating solutions on the market are not always sufficient. Located in Bergeijk (the Netherlands), NTS Bergeijk makes and applies tailor-made technical coatings for complex high-tech machines and components, that have a great impact on functionality, manufacturability, and production costs.

Extensive Experience in Technical Coating

For us, coating is not a finishing touch – it is the beginning of something new. By involving NTS Bergeijk in the early stages of development, the customer benefits from extensive experience in technical coating which allows them to create new and innovative products. For example, looking at machines in cleanroom environments, you see that they must be prevented from electrostatic discharge. Finding the right coating for this use-case is extremely challenging. Oftentimes existing products on the market do not work while other solutions only work in the lab environment.

The Role of Development & Engineering

Our broad expertise allows us to develop whole new coating solutions together with coating supply companies. Once we find a working solution, we run intensive tests in our own lab to guarantee that these innovations also work in a manufacturing environment. With longstanding experience in premium surface and coatings for highly technological applications. As first-tier supplier we combine in-depth knowledge and expertise with state-of-the-art facilities where we work according to global standards for finishing complex high-tech components and modules.

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Services at NTS Bergeijk

  • Priming is highly important because it influences the final quality of the product. We have a series of immersions baths and a 4-zone installation for cleaning non-ferrous metals and plastic products. We also coordinate specialist processes carried out by external suppliers. 
  • Wet coating is used for metal and plastic products. We have a wet coating line, six booths, a chamber, and a high-capacity overpressure system.  
  • Powder coatings are used to protect a product from corrosion, conductivity and make a product weather resistant. We have two powder coating lines equipped with automatic and manual spray booths.
  • Quality control and testing of the coating is done in our laboratory. We have the necessary equipment to measure and verify coatings: This varies from salt spray testing, water vapor, gloss measurements, layer thickness and mechanical properties.

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For years, coatings were used primarily to prevent corrosion or wear and generally improve the appeal of products and components. Selecting the appropriate coating was a step often taken at the very end of the development process and was usually a straightforward choice: what is the material of my substrate and what look and feel do I want? But the increased application of plastics in a wide variety of markets, and technical requirements becoming more challenging, we have seen demand for so-called technical coatings grow significantly. Such coatings can add specific characteristics to products and/or allow for significant product innovation.

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What we do

Precision Frames & Cabinets

In realizing high-precision frames and cabinets, we take manufacturability, cleanliness, and application look-and-feel into account. Our skilled workforce has all technical knowhow and works hard to meet the challenges of our OEM customers and shorten their time-to-market. 

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Materials & (Surface) Treatment

Proper material selection and surface treatment is the backbone of precision component manufacturing. As these are used in high-tech equipment and modules, using the right material technology and treatment ensures that these components perform accurately and reliably, with high accuracy. At NTS we rely on our domain expertise to meet these needs. 

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Ivo Heuvelmans
Managing Director NTS Finish


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5571 TJ Bergeijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)497 552 581

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Our skilled teams realize ultra-precise solutions and system assembly.

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We develop, produce and assemble (opto-) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules.

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With our global presence and technological expertise, we push the boundaries of possible.

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