E & Ion Beam

A ‘technology first’ approach

In a market where complexity rises, OEMs see more and more potential in e-beam and ion-beam technology to measure, study and manipulate materials at microscopic scales.  

In this race for ultimate resolutions, technology companies invest heavily to squeeze out even more in a next generation system. This, however, is accompanied with specific design and manufacturability challenges. At NTS, we have a broad track record of enabling our customers in realizing their next generation e-beam and ion-beam systems. How? We focus on the mechanic and mechatronic enablers, so the customer can focus on their core beam technology. Driven by our broad knowhow, we are happy to complement our customers’ E & Ion Beam challenges.

‘Technology First’ Approach 

The most important success-factor within E & Ion Beam technology at NTS, is that we put technology first. Especially when it comes to cleanliness, dynamics, and material knowhow, which are vital competencies for this complex technology. Combining these competencies with our ability to produce for low volume, our broad experience in the semiconductor and analytical market, and advanced knowhow on multiple competencies, NTS is your trusted partner when it comes to E & Ion Beam technology.

E & Ion beam technology components

Faster Time-to-market and Efficient Cost Price

Claiming to be a trusted partner is one thing. Contributing to the technological development of our customers is another. With our E & Ion Beam competencies, we serve our customers in three important objectives: we shorten the time to market, we produce against a competitive cost price, and – last but not least – we deliver high quality output. Time-to-market is shortened as a lot happens under one roof, while preferred suppliers are in place for specialized components. Being a one-stop-shop contributes to the cost effectiveness, and – in turn – improves quality, because there is less so-called “white noise” influencing the processes. In the end, high quality leads to less hidden costs and shorter lead times.

“We make Molybdenum Products that are smaller than 10 mm and contain very tiny Holes. Thirty of these Components are stacked on top of each other and the Electron Beam passes through them. In this way, the Customer can check the Reticle for Defects.” 

Tom Kruse
Sales & Account Manager at NTS Drachten

Our Customers Focus on Their Core Beam Technology

The most important result of that for our customers? We unburden them. By applying our expertise in system and module building, we offer customers the chance to focus on the core innovations of their beam technology. This enables them to speed up their product cycles. That is what we mean by contributing to technological development. Let’s accelerate the future, together.  

Download our Whitepaper ‘Ultra-precision parts for E-Beam Inspection’

For a customer that develops e-beam inspection technology, NTS manufactures parts and components for a new generation of microscopes. In this whitepaper, our experts discuss:  

  • Ultra-precision component manufacturing; 
  • Ultra-precision in e-beam inspection applications; 
  • A project for one of our customers. 


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