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The market demands a global focus for OEMs in high-tech industries. As a first-tier contract manufacturer, we align with the technological roadmap of our customers. That’s why we became an international player operating from different sites spread across Europe, Asia and the US. With our global sites offering unique competences, we are able to provide cross-continental expertise while functioning locally.

NTS Bergeijk

NTS Bergeijk makes and applies tailor-made technical coatings for complex high-tech machines and components. From our site in Bergeijk (the Netherlands), we cover a broad variety of fields, ranging from priming and wet coating to powder coating, quality control and testing.

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Spray Painting at NTS Finish

NTS Drachten

NTS Drachten specializes in the development, production and assembly of complete high-precision mechatronic systems and ultra-precision components. With locations in Drachten and Hengelo (the Netherlands), we use our in-house competencies and machining capabilities to meet our customers’ requirements.

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Materials and surface treatment on components

NTS Eindhoven

Located in the heart of the Brainport region, NTS Eindhoven (the Netherlands) is surrounded by technological innovation. With a gathering of our mechatronics, precision, and sheet metal sites, together with a focus on development and engineering, we can be described as a one-stop-shop with a strong focus on vacuum and cleanliness.

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NTS Helmond

NTS Helmond designs and makes high-precision components for applications that require large and very stable bases, and flatness up to 0,001 mm per m2. At our site in Helmond (the Netherlands), we do all our machining in-house. We work with granite and metal, and focus on high accuracy and flexibility.

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Frames and enclosures precision granite base

NTS Hengelo

NTS Hengelo specializes in development, production and assembly of complete high-precision mechatronic systems and ultra-precise components. From our sites in Hengelo and Drachten (the Netherlands), we utilize our in-house competences and machining capabilities, to meet the requirements of our customers face.

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Ultra-precision machining
NTS building

NTS Optel

NTS Optel is synonymous with customized optical and laser solutions, for testing and measuring. At our site in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), we undertake design, development and assembly for one-off as well as series production. With our domain expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we focus on manufacturability and speed.

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NTS Hermus welding

NTS Venray

NTS Venray assembles, (co-)develops and optimizes the logistic processes of OEM customers. As an all-round specialist in sheet metal, with a focus on series assembly, we create the ideal solution for our customers.

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NTS Brno

NTS Brno located in the Czech republic is a specialist in the production of high-precision components, modules and mechatronic cleanroom assemblies with our D&E and design capabilities as a driving force. Our two vertically integrated sites in the Czech Republic (Slavičín and Brno) work together to serve our customers in regional OEM markets.

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NTS Prometal mechatronic assembly

NTS Slavičín

NTS Slavičín, based in Czech republic is a specialist in manufacturing high-precision components, modules and mechatronic cleanroom assemblies, powered by D&E and design capabilities. Our two vertically integrated sites (in Slavičín and Brno), work cohesively to serve our customers in regional OEM markets.

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NTS Milpitas

At NTS Milpitas (USA), we provide sales and engineering services to customers throughout North America. Our engineers are trained to perform assembly and integration activities for our customers’ highly complex systems, often requiring cleanroom environments, high-precision assembly and measurement equipment.

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NTS Shanghai

At NTS Shanghai (China), our specialized mechatronic engineers work on high-tech systems from design to industry readiness. We focus on development & engineering, assembly & functional testing, supply chain management and project & quality management. By doing that, we accelerate the technological development of our customers in Asia.

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NTS Singapore building

NTS Singapore

NTS Singapore is a one-stop supplier for complex and qualified mechanics & mechatronics (cleanroom) assemblies based on vertical integration of own sheet metal & frames. Our ambition is to become a contract manufacturer of choice for our key customers, by serving them optimally close to their final assembly sites.

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