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NTS opens the doors of the new factory in Drachten

- April 22, 2024

The Grand opening 

On April 19th NTS celebrated this significant milestone together with customers, suppliers and employees. This event included inspiring speeches from, Klaas Geschiere, Managing Director of NTS Drachten, Ed van den Sluijs, CEO of NTS, Jonas Wintermans, shareholder and owner of NTS, and Jan Rijpstra, Mayor of Smallingerland. Together they set the tone for a day filled with reflection, celebration, and visions on the future of ultra-precision machining in Drachten. The festivities continued with cheerful conversations, thoughtful exchanges of gifts, refreshing drinks, and an exciting tour showcasing their state-of-the-art factory.

Unmatched expertise in a stimulating work environment 

NTS Drachten is known for its unmatched expertise in precision machining and the manufacture of ultra-precision parts for key high-tech markets such as semiconductor, analytical and health. With rapidly innovating technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI, the demand for these parts is constantly increasing. Therefore, in 2022 NTS decided to invest in a future-proof and sustainable building with optimal production conditions and a comfortable and stimulating working environment for their employees. 

“We are proud of our unique approach, where craftsmanship, experience and innovation come together. With a team of experienced professionals and young talent, supported by advanced technologies, we are able to continue to meet the growing demand for ultra-precision parts,” says Klaas Geschiere from NTS Drachten.

“We are proud of our unique approach, where craftsmanship, experience and innovation come together.”  

Klaas Geschiere
Managing Director of NTS Drachten

Focus on sustainability 

With state-of-the-art technologies and a focus on sustainability, the factory in Drachten promises to become a hub for progressive developments within the sector. This ultra-modern building is designed to better serve customers and meet the growing demand for high-quality technological solutions. 

“We are proud to open our new factory in Drachten today, together with our customers, colleagues and suppliers. This milestone underscores our dedication to fast-track innovation and growth.” says Geschiere. “The factory represents our continued commitment to setting standards in the high-tech industry and providing our customers with the best possible solutions.” 

“You are one of the few companies in the world that can guarantee an accuracy and cleanliness of less than one thousand of a millimeter.”

Jan Rijpstra
Mayor of Smallingerland

Home to future innovations 

The team at NTS Drachten plans to push the boundaries of manufacturability. “Ultra-precise, ultra-small and ultra clean. That is what it is all about at NTS Drachten,” says Klaas Geschiere. “With the conditions of this new building and with our experienced employees, we will be able to stretch the limits of machining and make the impossible possible for all our customers. Soon we will reach accuracy levels close to one tenth of a micron.”

Also Jan Rijpstra, the Mayor of Smallingerland, mentioned the complex achievements made by NTS Drachten saying “You are one of the few companies in the world that can guarantee an accuracy and cleanliness of less than one thousand of a millimeter.”  

The mayor proudly complemented NTS Drachten for its key role in shaping Drachten’s identity as a city renowned for innovative manufacturing. As Mr. Rijpstra reflected on NTS Drachten’s journey from a rental property on the Philips site to their own ultra-modern facility, he underscored the inspiring potential of NTS with the question: “Where is this journey of growth and innovation going to end?” 

All along we can say that NTS Drachten is a ready for future innovations. Together with the team and the customers they will accelerate the future of (ultra) precision machining. With this milestone, NTS confirms its position as a leader in the sector and confidently looks forward to a successful future full of innovation and growth.

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In today’s market, the high demand for ultra-precision parts is projected to grow further, driven by advancements such as 5G and IoT. With the new facility, NTS Drachten is ready to meet this high demand. Dive deeper into this dynamic industry by downloading our whitepaper, ‘Ultra-precision parts for E-Beam Inspection’.

In this whitepaper, our specialists provide information about:

  • Ultra-precision component manufacturing;
  • Ultra-precision in e-beam inspection applications;
  • A project for one of our semiconductor customers.
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