We innovate together. We invent solutions together.

It’s what we do together what makes us strong. It’s how we trust each other. And believe that with trust we can innovate. We explore things and combine development and production at a high level. It’s how we learn from each other and do things no other company can do. We take on complex challenges, look ahead and invent solutions for our customers. By sharing our knowledge and combining practice and theory. We make the impossible possible.

Do you want to create new products together? Accelerate your future at NTS!

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Why work for NTS?

  • We work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Collaborations with colleagues all over the world
  • Trusted to innovate
  • Huge diversity of projects and customers
  • From design to realisation and validation

At NTS we do it together

We need each other to achieve the highest quality and to keep improving. We complement each other in order to create unique solutions and to go beyond expectations. At NTS, you work with the most complex technology in multidisciplinary teams. Together with your colleagues you invent solutions in a high-tech development and production environment. Because of our diverse projects we create an environment where you can discover your strengths and develop your competences. Want to accelerate together? Explore the opportunities at NTS!

All Development & Engineering jobs

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Our stories

“We bring out the best in each other’s knowledge, skills and talent”

John Timmermans

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“Helping each other is the key to success.”

Kees Verbaan

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“The neat thing is that a project is never pre-defined”

Erik Hijkoop

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