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We bring out the best in each other’s knowledge, skills and talent

- January 31, 2023

Whether it’s about developing an MRI device or creating an RGA setup, John can tell you all about it. In over ten years at NTS, John has worked on numerous projects. 

"Ten years ago, I immediately started with an intriguing project. I was asked to come up with an MRI device that simultaneously scans and irradiates a patient. Next, I moved on to something completely different, namely a transport tool. And shortly afterwards I ended up in the Cleanliness Competence Team. That is the nice thing about my job. It is very diverse and every project is different." 


"I have already written many courses, specifications and documents with the Cleanliness Competence Team. The interesting part is that those documents actually led to my next project: designing an RGA setup. It’s great that you are given the freedom to go where your intellect takes you at NTS."

“At NTS, you are given the freedom to go where your intellect takes you."

John Timmermans

Collegial atmosphere

"In addition to the physical depth, there is a nice collegial atmosphere," John says. "Everyone is always friendly. It is very noticeable that we all want to help each other move forward: we bring out the best in each other's knowledge, skills and talents." John adds: "Furthermore, NTS has a very flat hierarchy, there are only a few layers within the organisation. For instance, the group leads are working in the same office, which makes them very approachable." 

Local team in a global organisation

At NTS, you and your local team are part of a global organisation. John: "I have worked on several international projects and have many foreign colleagues. English has even become our company language and many policy documents are also written in English." He laughs: "I sometimes even forget the Dutch term for certain things. So yes, you definitely notice that NTS also operates internationally."

"The chain is as strong as its weakest link."

John Timmermans

Improving the future together

"We’re always working on the future at NTS. That is clearly reflected in my work: improvement is key. At the Cleanliness Competence Team, for example, we strive to deliver cleaner products every single time. To achieve this, we work together all throughout the production process. All facets must be sorted out completely, because if something goes wrong at a certain point, your final product won’t be good. The chain is as strong as its weakest link." 

Working at NTS means being challenged

John’s favorite part about the job is that he is constantly being challenged. John: "The challenges are definitely the best. You work on very diverse projects, for large companies to small start-ups. One moment, we get to turn a hackneyed idea that arose in the customer's garage into a detailed concept and then proudly deliver a working device. The next day we are producing at the limit of what is physically possible. As you can imagine, there are plenty of challenges in that too. Being challenged and constantly having to reassess, that's NTS." 

Accelerating the future
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