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Press release: Frans van Lierop new CEO of NTS Group

- February 6, 2024

Frans van Lierop (57 photo) has been appointed as the new CEO of Eindhoven-based NTS Group, first-tier supplier to the high-tech manufacturing industry, and will take office from 1 May 2024. He will take over from CFO Ed van der Sluijs, who is temporarily fulfilling the role of CEO since the departure of former director Tjarko Bouman at the end of 2023. Together, Van Lierop and Van der Sluijs will form the Executive Board of NTS from 1 May 2024.

Frans van Lierop is transferring from high-tech giant ASML in Veldhoven, where he has worked for more than 27 years and held various (senior) management positions. He is currently Senior Vice President Sourcing and Supply Chain - Mechatronics/Mechanics. 

The Wintermans brothers, the family behind NTS, say the following about the appointment: ”We are pleased with Frans as our new CEO. He knows every inch of our business and the supply chain of the high-tech manufacturing industry. With Frans as CEO and Ed van der Sluijs as CFO, we will have a rock-solid combination at the helm who, together with the team, will ensure we have the clout to grow with our customers in terms of quality, and can expand the business further.”

Chairman of the Supervisory Board at NTS, Roelof Hendriks, adds: “NTS has developed into a prominent player at the very top of the global semiconductor and analytics niche market in which it operates. We look forward to the future with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence.”

Frans van Lierop himself adds: “I am making the transition from ASML, the innovation leader in the semiconductor industry, to another fantastic and successful chain company in the high-tech sector: NTS. The growth potential of NTS is enormous, but also challenging. The foundations are set, the market position and strategy have been crystallised. I am very excited with the chance to lead such a highly committed team and to push the results to new heights in keeping with the plans and expectations, fully in line with the needs of NTS' customers.”

Van Lierop has extensive experience in international business and the high-tech industry in particular. After studying at Eindhoven University of Technology (MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science; post-Master in Technological Design), he served in the Dutch Royal Navy and worked for Fokker Aircraft, Berenschot, and for the last 27 years has held various international management roles at ASML. He is married and has three children.

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