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Press release: NTS all set to expand in the US Semicon and Analytical market

- December 8, 2023

Today, NTS, one of the leading Dutch high-tech contract manufacturers, announced to strengthen and expand its presence in the United States, as it approaches its 10-year anniversary in the US next year. Chief Commercial Officer, Ruben Jakobs joined the Netherlands-Flanders economic mission to Phoenix and Silicon Valley. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens celebrated the opening of NTS’ new office, being the first step of the expansion plans. By moving its US office from San Jose to Milpitas as of December 1, 2023, expanding their capabilities and acceleration of recruitment for new staff, the expansion plans are already being rolled out.

US Semicon: NTS as strategic partner

Boosted by the US CHIPS Act, the semiconductor market in the United States is expected to grow up to an 87 billion dollar in revenue by 2027. Big players in the US like Nvidia, Broadcom and Intel are shaping this growing market. Pivotal in this growth are wafer fab equipment manufacturers, like Applied Materials and KLA. The Netherlands, which is already home to ASML, ASMI and NTS amongst others, makes a perfect key partner for furthering the Semicon industry in US. NTS is one of the leading first-tier contract manufacturers for wafer fab equipment manufacturers. Focused on developing cutting-edge mechatronics for the semiconductor and analytical market, NTS has been in the US since 2014. Stepping up in the American market now, is an obvious next phase in its continuing rapid growth.

NTS expansion in US

As part of its global strategy, NTS is focused on increasing its capabilities in the US, both in footprint and talent. The company is actively engaged in an expansive recruitment drive, targeting skilled local professionals in the field of Development & Engineering and commercial program management, to bolster its US team. It has also moved to a new location in Milpitas, in December 2023, creating a hub for collaboration and innovation at the heart of Silicon Valley. The new location will not only accommodate the company's growth trajectory but also strengthen partnerships with key players in the US semiconductor industry.

The strategic placement on the West Coast ensures seamless connectivity with American wafer fab equipment manufacturers and NTS's manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia, keeping it at the forefront of the rapidly advancing high-tech manufacturing landscape. This proactive approach positions NTS to meet the increasing demands of high-tech Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) based in the US.

Full-service provider for high-tech OEMs

As a full-service provider to high-tech OEMs, NTS provides development, manufacturing and assembly services across the globe. By focused investment, in the US team and resources, the company will offer a more comprehensive set of services for its American customers. By engaging in an early stage, NTS can excel in design for manufacturing and more cost-effective solutions, allowing its US customers to be more successful in their market. This expansion underscores NTS's unwavering commitment to fast-tracking technology for high-tech OEMs, setting the stage for innovation that redefines possibilities. With a significant presence in Asia and Europe, NTS solidifies its status as a global, full-service contract manufacturer.

Photo: from left to right: Ruben Jakobs (Chief Commercial Officer at NTS), Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens, Maurice Magdelijns (Business Development Director USA at NTS)
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