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NTS claims second consecutive record year

- May 10, 2023

NTS-Group achieved a record turnover of €412 million, in 2022. The first-tier supplier in high-tech manufacturing announced its second record annual turnover in a row. CEO Tjarko Bouman looks back at 2022 with pride. “It's fantastic to see how customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational expansion reflect perfectly in the financial results. 2022 was a successful year for NTS, in every way.”

412 million euros turnover

With a turnover of 412 million euros, the company realised 30% growth in 2022 compared to 2021. This is far higher than the expected growth of around 15%. According to Tjarko Bouman, CEO at NTS, these figures can be explained by a combination of market growth, customer engagement and making the right investments.

Bouman: “Market growth logically plays a key role. But by refining our strategy, where our focus is on increasing customer engagement, we are better equipped to understand our customers' challenges and proactively take away their burdens. The growth is also a result of the significant investments in our machinery and in the recruitment and training of our colleagues.”

Quantitative and qualitative growth

The sizeable investments contribute to the growth of NTS on a global scale. Over the past year, for instance, the high-tech company expanded its sites in Eindhoven (NL), Shanghai and the Czech Republic, both in terms of square metres and machinery. On top of that, construction is under way on new premises at two locations. Bouman: “It is good to see that we are growing across all branches and in all regions. This helps to maintain the balance in our portfolio, and we're not only growing in sales, but also in depth around the world.”

It's clear that the global presence and engagement helps to bolster customer partnerships. Besides increasing production work, this also gives NTS a more prominent role during the development stage. This leaves more room for NTS to utilise its in-depth expertise to support customers in design and development processes, and to completely unburden them. As a consequence, attracting good professionals is now more important than ever before.

Semiconductor and analytical market

After streamlining its strategic course in 2020, the high-tech company has put an express focus on the semiconductor and analytical markets. In general, the robust growth of NTS has led to the company having a more prominent role in both the semiconductor and analytical supply chains. But the projections for 2023 differ in these markets.

At this moment, NTS is facing a temporary global downturn in the semiconductor market. “We see that temporary downturn as an opportunity to prepare for upcoming growth,” Bouman explains. Despite the temporary decline, NTS expects long-term growth in the semiconductor market. Looking at the analytical market, NTS' share remains strong. Underlying this is the growing demand for analytical equipment related to global challenges, such as climate change, ageing, the energy crisis and food production.

NTS continues to grow

All in all, there has been a deepening of the organisation across the board, partly due to more intensive customer contact during product design and development. NTS is thus able to add value through its broad and deep expertise in every stage of the project cycle – a development that forms the basis for the company's continued growth.

In order to meet the growth expectations and safeguard customer engagement, NTS – supported by the Wintermans family as 100% shareholder – will continue to invest worldwide in buildings, machines and personnel. The company is very excited about opening two new production facilities in 2023, in Drachten (NL) and Singapore. The focus for NTS in the coming year will remain on attracting even more of the right professionals. NTS currently has around 1,800 employees. By investing in people and in capital, the company is taking the next step in capacity, preparing for further growth in the future.

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