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NTS-Group achieves record turnover in the strained global market of the high-tech manufacturing industry

- May 11, 2022

Eindhoven-based NTS-Group, a first-tier supplier to the high-tech manufacturing industry, has reported record sales of €318 million for 2021. Tjarko Bouman, NTS CEO, is looking with confidence towards the future: “It was an excellent year for the entire organisation and from the forecasts we see that this trend is set to steadily continue.”

318 million euro turnover

With a turnover of 318 million euros, the company achieved a growth of 13% during the past year as compared to the previous. The forecasts are also positive. In 2022, NTS expects worldwide growth of more than 15%, according to Bouman: “We are now adjusting our current long-term targets for this reason – we are also exceeding our own expectations.”

Change of course

After streamlining its strategic course in 2020, the company has since put an express focus on the semiconductor and analytical markets. In addition, NTS has also integrated its knowledge portfolio and development and engineering capabilities more at its production sites over the past two years.

“Our international customers are technology leaders in their fields. That is why it is essential for us to keep a close eye on trends and innovations and to adjust our competencies accordingly,” explains Bouman. “This course of action allows us to offer our customers the same knowledge, specialised know-how and way of working all over the world. Moreover, by focusing more on core markets, we can reduce costs for our customers.”

In comparison to 2020, the company is once again seeing volume, staff and revenue growth, and all branches are reaping the benefits. In order to achieve its global opportunities and potential, NTS, with the unconditional support of the Wintermans family as 100% shareholder, is continuing to invest worldwide in buildings, machines and personnel. For example, a contract was recently signed for relocating the two branches in Singapore. In addition, a new and fully sustainable production facility will be built in Drachten for manufacturing ultra-precise parts and precision machining.


In addition to the positive outlook, the company is also facing a few challenges. The energy crisis and the Russia/Ukraine conflict are affecting the availability of materials. There is also uncertainty about price developments in the supplychain and production: general costs of raw materials, energy, transport and packaging are rising significantly.

Bouman: “Needless to say, we are closely monitoring international developments. We are taking all kinds of scenarios into account in order to be able to continue to meet the growing and persistent demand as a result of developments such as IoT, 5G and autonomous driving."

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